Cheddar Skunk V2


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 Uk Cheese- 89′ Skunk#1. This is the Original Exodus Cut Clone only out out of the United Kingdom. Wall walker, carbon filter destroyer. Smell that seeps through anything and everything. Truly permeating. Id call it aged musty cheese almost rank then raw black hash best i can put it lingers into a Mexi nose burn. FUNK. She can display some fruit and dark blackberry notes depending the environment and grower. And the smell doesn’t come off for a good few minutes. She is a very outward sativa in nature grower with thin style Skunk leaf and a beautiful flower struture. The stone is pure old school bliss, cerebral magic. Throws down some nice sized light colored cola as well, but is more tight in nature with some superb trichome coverage. A good 11-12 week flower from mom. Above average yield and Node spacing is quite nice for being as sativa as she is. Calyx to leaf ratio is quite low. This is some absolutey amazing old school herb.

This Skunk incross diplays close to exact Cheese copies i call them seed clone looks. The old cheese is a known True Breeding plant. They are dominant and abundant in the pairing with an almost exact growth and smoke. The other side are stout afghan looks with loud burnt rubber funk, black hash and Skunk. Overall just some good old school herb will take you back.

The 2020 Release is the finale of the ‘SkunkBud’ project, all restock from here on out will be with The Single ‘Cousin It’ Skunk#18 Stud. He brings that old school Skunk Aroma to the forefront. All flower times will be reigned in except in the fastest pairings those will be the quickest full term outdoor. extremely tolerant of short season light dep or 56 day indoor plants almost exclusively when met to pure Afghan Cultivars. All long flowering sativas will be brought down by a week or two off finish, Tighter Flower formations, Enhanced yield, Quality undiminished and of course That rank ‘Skunkbud’ funk will seep on into the best, he is truly an amazing individual. The Skunk#18 will take the front seat in most all pairings and especially in this pollination as it is not Open Pollinated. I say in most all pairings the Skunk will come through in 2/3 pretty easy, but they do let the mom come through damn clean when she shines, Very beautiful recessed mother looks with the effect intact and sometimes all new unexpected flavors are the result. The Skunk#18 plants are extremely compact but branchy, the Cousin It male passes nice broadleaf struture with branching reaching halfway up untrained or topped, node spacing is tight so plants will benefit from thinning, training. early topping is recommended unless you would like to grow them monocola in a SOG style setup which is what they are ideal for you can pack them in and they love an established root zone and tolerate a smaller container extremely well. Extremely powerful branching support Large Afghani style formations.

Sex: Regular

Genetics: 89′ UK Cheese (Exodus Cut) x Uncle Festers Skunk#18 ‘SkunkBud’

Flowering Time/Height: 63to77 days, 1-2x Stretch max (UK Cheese dominant will display more thin leaf outward growth and branching while the Skunk#18 dominant will be all Broadleaf Afghan looks)

Yield: Above Average

Resistance: Mold/Mildew/Pest