————Uncle Fester’s Skunk#18 Open Pollination————

69′ Skunk#18 IBL Open Pollination

Estimated release date: Mid September 2018

Said to be Colombian Gold x Afghani x A Gold

Here is the genome test completed on this line and as the Kannapedia. As of now the Skunk#18 is simply on her own in Both Databases with only Distant relations showing. This is the second Open Pollination description with my SkunkBud Keeper selections and what that entails, My first personally Selected offerings to Date to lock the line as a whole to the True Skunkbud Funk.

Original seed is from Master Thai Organic Gardens and we used 5 Original packs to make our first run through. Of them 10 legit keepers were established (3 Males and 7 Females) and used to further breed the line without losing any of the original nuances which is all that has been offered to this point.

Medicinal Genomics tested: http://www.kannapedia.net/strains/rsp11030/

69′ Skunk#18 SKUNKBUD Open Pollination– Original Skunk#1, Pre Skunkman.

Firstly Effect like a freightrain for the brain, cerebral magic, brightens the day to where your squinting its so bright, wakes you up and bakes you out. Very Ocular. Selections are all selected to this and to more of a sit you down and evaluate your life introspective indica STONE. Every selection has extensive expansion qualities and most are quite resinous, bag appeal is included, FIRE RED HAIR and ORANGE HAIR. Yield is above average. Flower time in these selections will be maximum 10wks bloom and many finishing even earlier down to 56 days, almost exclusively selected to the AFGHANI dominant true Skunk expressions and the line itself lends to this, A good part of me believes this line is derived from the Skunk#18.2 Afghani Torture Trials. 

This line holds in the best of them, all LIVE Skunk animal looks, Skunks Den, Pack Of Skunk scents. No Death or Decaying flesh funk. Fresh spray and live end skunk. There is some nice meaty and gamey funks.

I have Selected only for these looks, flower tested, Male and Female. The expressions selected for in this Select Open Pollination are as follows:

Fresh Vulcanized Black Rubber, Black tire rubber, burnt and not, Chemical Skunk Spray, Green Acrid Chemical, Nose Burning Live Animal Skunk Musk, Fresh Piss Spray, Traditional Sour Skunk, Chemical White Onion/Extreme Body Odor Musk.

All to the True Bouquet

All true Skunkbud individuals were selected out of just shy of 200 throughout the last OP, almost exclusively out of the #5 progeny, but also have a few off it to keep things fresh. selected 200 down to 2 Stud Rank End Males, 3 Kill Skunkbud Females.
The Entire run they Morph scents and are even more pungent and funk once dry, please allow extra dry time minimum of 14 days to allow the alchohol esters and thiols of the flower to become a viscous oil, the flower itself is thick and thick in resins.

The plants themselves are beyond with Hybrid vigor and thick membraned plants showing their true heritage, They are truly DISEASE, MOLD AND PEST RESISTANT. Most are full double serrated plants and also display extra digits with absolutely amazing builds. Some of the prettiest and most aggressive controlled plants that i have had the pleasure to have under hand, Afghani Dominated Skunk#1.

To the cross pairings they instill very nice Vigor, enhance build and branching of most any and all kind as well as dropping flower times in the late blooming. They will enhance actual Potency with added Mexi cerebral magic regardless of THC levels this is some true Mind Bending Love. Brighter and more vibrant with true expansion qualities all around. They Dominate in a good deal of the cross pairings and in this case i am glad that they do.  When the mother does pass she passes through entirely intact and i would say a good third show mom dominance. All in All, The line is pure Magic and I am beyond happy to offer this personally selected SkunkBud Open Pollination to you.

So Please, ENJOY!

The Nature Farmer