Old release information

Skunk#18 pairings

  • Cheddar Skunk– UK Cheese x 69′ Skunk#18
  • Rubber Tree Skunk- Trinity x 69′ Skunk#18
  • Shiva Skunk Redux– 89′ Northern Lights #5 x 69′ Skunk#18
  • Hindu Kush Paki x Skunk#18
  • Marschiano Skunk– Old Cherry Kush x Skunk#18
  • Super Lemon Skunk-Super Lemon Haze(Franco Cut) x Skunk#18
  • 94′ SFV OG x Skunk#18
  • Northern Blueberry x Skunk#18
  • Platinum Bubba Kush x Skunk#18
  • Chemdog #4 x Skunk#18
  • The Chocolatier- Chocolate Chunk x Socal Master Kush x Skunk#18
  • Mr. Skunk- ‘Purple’ Mr. Nice x Skunk#18
  • Aura Skunk- ACDC x Skunk#18

Northern Lights #5 Pairings

05′ Laos Luang Prabang x Early 90’s Northern Lights 5 “Caution” male.

Mello Platinum Cookies- Original Platinum GSC Outcross

  • Lemoncruiser– Lemon OG x Mpgsc male
  • Hashbar Cookies– Uncirculated Hashplant x Mpgsc male
  • Old Blue Jacket– Blue Jack x Mpgsc male
  • Caspers Cookies- Ghost Train Haze #1 x Mpgsc male
  • Slurple- Purple Urkle x Mpgsc Male
  • The Scholar- Hindu Kush Paki x Mpgsc Male
  • Raspberry Picker- kryptonite x Mpgsc male
  • Dubb Rock- Sour Dubb x Mpgsc male
  • Bubba’s Brew- Afghani Bubba Kush x Mpgsc male
  • Naked Lady- Roxy(Legend Og x Casey Jones) x Mpgsc male
  • The Baker- Thin Mint OG x Mpgsc male
  • Laotian Cookies- 05′ Laos Luang Prabang x Mpgsc Male

Rocket Scientist OG

  • Tahoe OG BX1 (Tahoe OG x Rocket Scientist OG) Rocket Scientist OG (Tahoe OG x Mpgsc Male)
  • WindWalker OG- Skywalker OG x RSOG Male
  • Street Magic OG- The White x RSOG Male
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