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Original Diesel x Skunk#18

Mother used is My favorite Diesel and not only that she is my Favorite Variety period. gifted to me 10 yrs ago by a 70yr old lady in Shasta, she said this variety put her kids through college and that she felt i should have it. Pure Race fuel Diesel soaked Peat Moss, rawest of the raw true DIESEL. For me the effect is out of this world tweaks something inside of my brain not one other kind could or ever has. The extract from her is capable of raising the heart rate to 115+ BPM. Yield is High quite above average, She washes with the best of them like a True Sour, top quality all bags and high yield of it. Tastes exactly as she smells. My Desert Island variety.

hit to the two Skunk#18 stud males, this is something every Diesel/Skunk lover should Enjoy.