Skunk Crippler

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Norcal Crypt x Skunk#18

Crippler is a Shasta staple been here over the past 10 plus years and one of the first Kill varieties I came across when first moving to the area as OG Wheelchair Crippler. The specific cut originally comes from the man Norcal CryptKeeper who popped her from an old 70s/80s Hippy Stash of beans popped in the 90s. From his accounts he was told and believes she is a Version of Skunk#1 x Afghani and she smokes like it. She is a fully double serrated individual, grows like a big beautiful Tree, stump and all. Quite a quick pre Flowering trigger another Afghani dominant trait i find in many known Afghan one offs. High end Yield of Golden cured flowers, dripping wet in resins. A mix of Chemical, Citrus, Pine, and Musk.

**Unconfirmed i have found posts to her being referenced as an M39 derivative and that would also make sense. Basic 5 (Basic #5) x Skunk No. 1.