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WOS Colombian Gold x Skunk#18

The colombian gold is a selection from two packs of World of Seeds Colombian Gold by a friend of mine, she has been put through her paces and is quite an amazing plant.

WOS reps have stated that the stock used was traded Direct with Santa Marta Farmers and this selection is quite the testament to it.  It is the most Sativa Dominant individual and flowers for a clean 14to16wk plus. Smoke is quite Electric, heavy in energy goes all the way to your bones and joints almost aching with the effect. Vision is somewhat distort she has a clean visual stimulation, Quite powerful. Not quite to the 24 plus wk Colombians but quite a close beautiful representation with a classic thin leaf and structure. 5x stretch sativa at flower initiation but still manageable in my opinion she likes to grow with a clean central and nice side branching if left to it.