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Sweet Pink Grapefruit (Eugene cut) x Skunk#18

Sweet Pink Grapefruit. Just an old grapefruit lady out of Eugene Oregon. Said to have been kept by the owner of Peoples Wellness collective over the years, she has been around.
This shit right here….grapefruit rind chemical dipped in Sour Skunk mixed with a Loud Pepper burn.
Like a trailer truck of grapefruits smashed a skunk and we had to dig through the globes to save the little homies life.
Reminds me highly of the Tangerine Skunk, Tanjo or dank ass orange Kush just more pepper and highly grapefruit chemical with the skunk funk, not sweet at all.
More Grapefruit rind as opposed to an orange, it Burns ya shit more so, just dry so going to put a few in the air and get back to ya.
Tastes like I bit into a grapefruit, Mouth coating flavor lasts a good 5 minutes I still taste it. Great initial power really grabs you hard in the head and eyes and then sets over heavy Body, stone is definitely Ghani. Yield is high. Flower onset is fast with a quick 8to9wk flower max. entirely encrusted flower quite lime green in appearance.