The Shoeshiner


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Rubber Tree Skunk #5 (Trinity x Skunk#18) x Skunk#18

Mother is my Leather shoe polish personal selection out of the Rubber Tree Skunk Line, this was a freak Afghan throwback popped up. She is some of the Stickiest dank ive encountered from these RTS and even surpasses Trinity and the Sk#18. Its some type of magic for certain the effect is truly special she is strong powersmoke with lovely expansion qualities.

Lime green flower that fades in with shades of purple. Super greasy dank ticky tacky herb. Smell is powerful KUSH funk with a twist and that twist is straight Black Puck Poppin Leather Shoe Polish Funk. Yields are above average, Quality and bag appeal is quite nice super serious lime green, chunky, with very little leaf. This linecross here i expect great things.