The Epidemic


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Sour Dubb x Skunk#18

Sour Dubb- unknown Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble. Pheno found by Greyskull. Work done by BOG Seeds.

i sourced this cut Direct out of San Diego some years back. Flavor is pure mouth coat, Sweet N’ Sour OG Fuel. Hit correct it is the terpiest and most transferred to taste variety there is. It will linger on your palette for an eternity and you will savor it like a fine wine. Beautiful fat trichome sheen. And the potency is rocking. Always say this gal shits on her progeny Gorilla Glue in all departments but yield. Average yield. I have taken her the recommended 8 and I have taken her closer to 10 weeks flower. For flavor 8 kills it. At 10 potency takes front seat and the flavor is dulled. So I recommend 9 weeks flower with her on the dot. She is truly a favorite. Node spacing is fair. Calyx to leaf ratio is average. Very branchy in nature, recommend to strip those prehistoric fan leaf.