Corpse Flower


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90’s Super Skunk x Skunk#18

The Super Skunk mother is Rancid traditional Sour Skunk turnt to 10. Definitely has the smell of fresh skinned hide mixed in you almost pull that first, Rancid meat, then white onion chemical like mad mixed with that sour skunk, It’s a crazy bouquet that lingers on you unfolding it’s goodness. The word I choose is Rancid, because you can definitely pull the death out of it as well as proper animal musk she is Nasty.

Raw broadleaf Afghani with a heavy stretch. long Runner colas of lime green flowers dripping that stench i would go far as to say she is that RKS. Very beautiful plant to grow, High end Yield with a beautiful strong couchlock stone and expansive smoke you can feel. Where my Skunk#18 selections are Live Skunk this is entirely Death and Decay in the most beautiful Fashion.