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Romulan (Mendo Joe Cut) x Skunk#18

“Mendo Joe” Romulan Indica- True lineage unknown. To me she is a Afghani x Korean in origin and growth. It is fairly evident on the Afghani due to the Very fast and early onset, as well as the want to preflower heavy with forsty fat calyx. Also I  grow an s1 of original sativa romulan said to be Mexican Sativa x Korean in origin gifted to me by my mentor who passed in 2010, he knew Mendo Joe on a personal level.

This Romulan cutting comes from SeedNoEvil Breeders collective, Pagan and Solo. The story comes with this particular lady is that she comes one hand from mendo joe, gifted to a farm out in the PNW, Oregon area, then to seed no evil. She was passed many moons ago and i have grown her close to 7yrs.

The Indica clip flavor is an Acrid Pine blueberry toe funk followed with an extreme hashy flavoring. She is visual in the high to a degree. Head denting indica power as advertised. One of the frostiest things I have ever laid eyes on. Below average to average yield on her best days. A good 9 week finisher that can be taken at 8, she does like her extra week though for frost coverage and yield. Extremely pillowed nug structure dripping wet in trichomes, double coated you could say, even out on the far shade leaf. Node spacing is fair. Calyx to leaf ratio is beautiful. Hardly a leaf to trim and Very branchy in her growth.

Hit to the two rank Skunk#18 studs I expect all flower times to be reigned in except in the fastest pairings, all long flowering sativas will be brought down by a week or two off finish, Tighter Flower formations, Enhanced yield, Quality undiminished and of course That rank ‘Skunkbud’ funk. The Skunk will take the front seat in most all pairings and especially in this pollination as i really selected hard for only true Skunkbud individuals. I say in most all pairings that they take over 2/3 pretty easy, but they do let the mom come through pretty damn clean when she shines, even beautiful recessed looks and sometimes all new unexpected flavors are the result. These plants are extremely compact, node spacing is tight so plants will benefit from thinning, training. early topping is recommended unless you would like to grow them monocola in a SOG style setup which is what they are ideal for. extremely powerful branching support Large Afghani style formations.