Silk Road Skunk


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Original Haze x Skunk#1 x Skunk#18

Original Haze x Skunk#1 from Cultivators Choice Stock. Same deal, mother is a frankincense sourball thai very close to my NL5 x Haze selections but more Thai dominant with the Skunk leaf and that’s the only trace of skunk here, all Haze individual stretches 5x plus her height and flowers a clean 14wks, haze wall shit.
She is the frostiest most silken calyx that individually are dense. they fill up full of goo shes one of those ones you could collect whole calyx for a bowl, caked back sparkling flower, she makes big fat fluffy airy buds you can see through that glisten extreme in the light. I call her my Diamond in the rough because shes insane while her siblings were true Whisp Haze I need some meat on the bone. Many of the beans are pretty damn small.
Hunted through a good 20 to find this one and she was stand alone, truly a pleasure and would stand in anyone’s garden.
The mothers effect is truly blessed. Again, Trip Haze effect. Pure energy. Visually she takes you for a ride gets all in the head and doesn’t let go Carries extreme Tracer effect. Visual enhancement, color enhancing, mind altering medicine.

Hit to the two rank Skunk#18 studs I expect all flower times to be reigned in except in the fastest pairings, all long flowering sativas will be brought down by a week or two off finish, Tighter Flower formations, Enhanced yield, Quality undiminished and of course That rank ‘Skunkbud’ funk. The Skunk will take the front seat in most all pairings and especially in this pollination as i really selected hard for only true Skunkbud individuals. I say in most all pairings that they take over 2/3 pretty easy, but they do let the mom come through pretty damn clean when she shines, even beautiful recessed looks and sometimes all new unexpected flavors are the result. These plants are extremely compact, node spacing is tight so plants will benefit from thinning, training. early topping is recommended unless you would like to grow them monocola in a SOG style setup which is what they are ideal for. extremely powerful branching support Large Afghani style formations.