Shiva Rose


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(89′ Northern Lights #5 x Skunk#18) x Skunk#18

This is a Linecross of my own creation. The mother of this pairing being the 89′ Sensi Seeds NL#5 from all accounts, she is one that I have spent much time with Reviving and time well spent. Such a wonderful heavy handed smoke all herself ive done all in my power to select the best and not loose any of its nuance because to me it maybe the most important aspect of this line up to this point but to keep it to the funk was above all my task. smoke from the NL#5 mother is Chemical Tang Pledge and Pine funk almost burns the nostrils with its astringent quality. Super expando smoke just Powerful as they come. Bag appeal and quality is just amazing for such an old variety. seems like she is most Definitely a selection of the Thai/Afghani variety of NL#5, carries a forward facing leaf, extreme leatherbound leaf, and the effect really just pounds it on you while the flavor leaves you smacking your palate.

The original Shiva Skunk Redux were quite amazing and I have hunted through them to see the best. Bringing with them the old school flavors of their Heritage, carrying half old school Classic creamy sour apple Shiva nose and half what i call FUNK side that carry a whole range of crazy noses from Citrus Zest, Green Onion Chemical, Animal almost Ferret Musk, Incense. The lady i chose for this breed is so light Lime green caked in so much frost its hard to say she isnt entirely white. Yield is Average from the FUNK side of the Redux, but the Quality is off the charts, the smoke from the FUNK side is also a touch more Potent leaving you in a heavy handed Daze. Hit back to the two Skunk#18 studs, this linecross is something I am very proud to offer.