Pride of Pakistan


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78′ Afghani x 70’s Pride Of Afghanistan x Pakistani Heirloom

Personal selection from Coastal Seeds unreleased 78′ Afghani x POA. The mother was a clone gifted to me a long while back and has quite a rich history. She is an old pure Affie from LA area. She is acrid, smells of sandalwood, incense, pine and is a beautiful bearhug of a stone. I selected for an obvious Affie domiant and against the POA expressions and came up with an almost exact mother copy and maybe even branchier with the entire full flavor of the mother. Average yield, high end quality. I did find her to be even more potent of an Afghan stone, less of a body but twice as much power.

The pakistani heirloom male has an old school horseradish/hot mustard sour stench coupled with loud dank linoluem funk. Expect a flower time from 8to10 weeks. High End Mold/Mildew resistance. Early onset Outdoors.