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2019 seed increase

This is an old kept and acclimated Pakistani line out of northern California gifted to me by my father. They do carry an Afghani edge to them being collected right at the northern border. Original collection from right below Khyber Pass, Northern Pakistan late 1980s, and kept out of region since.

These genetics have Only been grown outdoors for years and are a kept outdoor line. I wanted to change that so This was the first time they have seen artificial light. I selected for plants that showed zero stress and high tolerance to the indoor environment. Not only that, they thrive in it.

From 45, we selected down to 4 amazing females and 1 stud male. The male has an old school horseradish/hot mustard sour stench coupled with loud dank linoluem funk exudes off him. He is also more on the sativa spectrum with a later flower window which is where my father says the more traditional Pakistani heritage lies.
Females carry smells range from Industrial chemical, new linoluem roll, new carpet musk, adhesive glue, old world spices, Tart Sour Melon, to an almost meat funk kush over linoluem all with a pine wood style backing. They are also referred to as ‘Blue Pakis’ by those older than myself.

Extreme lime green coloration to the flowers, the more sativa carry a darker resin where the others are more of a grey tacky resin cakes the hands quick. The flower is extremely unique and stands out against most anything, some do carry a golden cure.

The effect is extremely Cerebral and potent, to a narcotic cerebral in the more Afghan. Most are extremely energetic and motivational with a clean introspective effect.

They hold extreme vigor and resistance to pest, mold, mildew. Many are Hash and extract style plants, the more forward facing sativa are sieve style plants with a drier resin, a later bloom and a looser flower set. They all dump resins and should make great plants to select in for extractors.

Flower times will range from 10to12 weeks with your occasional fast finisher, outdoors they finish the very start of October into November for some. Yield is above average, quality is above average. Drug trait cultivar, low to no CBD.

Pakistani Heirloom male that has an old school horseradish/hot mustard sour stench coupled with loud dank linoluem funk, what he passes to offpsring is a very classic clean linoleum over old world Spice. Average Flower time 9to10 weeks on the pure line and the Male is of the truest sativa presence. These plants under the sun are amazingly fast they will be done early October on most everything despite their effect being so cerebral. Resistant to pest and mold as well. Yield will be above average on just about all. quality, effect, vigor, yield. All there.


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