Norcal Purple Haze



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Genetics: Norcal Purple Haze Open Pollination

Flower Time: 84to98 days

Outdoor Harvest Time: Late October

Sex: Regular Male/Female

Yield: Above Average

Resistance: Mold/Mildew

*showing some issues with severe root bind and mainline techniques. Please give these plants room to stretch their roots once flower is initiated. 

(12 seeds per pack) or (25 Seeds Per Pack Breeders Pack)

Norcal Purple Haze–  84to98 days flower. This is an old Northern California Line Gifted to me in Shasta County by an Old Time Farmer, 80 years young. I was told the line itself is Haze x North American ‘Purple Flowering’ Indica.

This release is my very first working of this line from the original 100 seeds gifted to me. First thing besides what i was told on the line that peaked my interest was they were some dyed purple by the Anthocyanins and under scope there were still some in Calyx that were completely black and had purple trichomes. These were given to me as the last of an old stock and the plant material itself was old and brown, and he had not worked these in some time. Germination was still 70%. It has taken me some years to sift through these thoroughly and make my selections as this line could have easily been lost forever.
My 8f and 1m selections come from my first hunt of 50+ M/F indoors and were both included in our Open Pollination of 3 selected males and 3 selected females all with Genetic Coloration from first sex. My 1m, a keeper purple black resin male did most of the work early and late, but felt remiss to not Include the two other keeper males both maroon/red dominant with that stank. This open pollination was done at 5300ft elevation, Native Alpine Forest, amended Native Soil in a sealed greenhouse using light deprivation techniques.
Smells of these plants range from Raw Leather, Metallic, Oil Rag/Hydraulic Grease, Meat Gas, and a slight Mentholated/Herbal Equatorial Sativa back on some. This to me is a sign of high Thiol and Phenol production. Almost No Terpinolene if any in these plants Gene Pool only hints of the old Haze goodness like Burnt Frankincense and almost Church Incense nose of the burnt flowers along with that leather funk you can certainly taste. Smell translates to Taste in most all.
Coloration of the Flowers will be from Red, Maroon, Purple to Black from first sets especially in a controlled environment or in areas that a full late season outdoor flower can be Achieved. They are not a Fade Purple due to Maturation, they will show even in warm to hot environments and even without heavy temperature swings. They will fade even more black in proper setups.
As this is my first working of the line and I have been very Strict on what plants will be included, but there still may be a small 10% of Genetic Green individuals just based on Recombination until i work the line further. It will not be hard to find a Favorite, but you will have a hard time choosing just one.

Effects are Heavy Cerebral, Foggy/Swimming pressure behind the Eyes, Shoulders and Chest. Some carry a more sedated upbeat equatorial effect and some are downright potent and heady in there effect on a highly introspective level. There is some form of body but it is more on that body mind connection. They seem to Display Type 1 High THC Cannabis Drug Traits possibly with some back end cannabinoids.
These plants Benefit from a healthy Veg to establish strong root zones and can be topped multiple times and respond well to any training i have used even supercropping. Flower Stretch is a good 3xto4x, they can easily outpace your area so attend to them well. They dont eat a whole lot so be careful on Overfertilization. Yield is Average to Above Average. Heavy Trichome Coverage and seems to lend well to extractions.
**If making more seeds or just as a sidenote, these plants will start to drop their seed from their Calyx starting a few days of hanging so plan accordingly. Along with this unique haze trait, another trait i have learned to look for is the green/black inner seed casing that incases the seed embryo when germinating Haze seeds. This is something to look out for as a type of validation of genetic if you will.

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