Noble Skunk

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Bubba Kush x Skunk#18

Bubba Kush, one of the Oldest Clone Only Bubba Kush. This lady here is the end all be all Bubba Kush in my Eyes. She has been around since I was a Youngster. Her terpenes and flavoring is unmatched and unmistakable. It is an extremely Raw Kush and leather note followed by an astringent scent similar to some Aqua Net Hair Spray. She is extremely Narcotic smoke that builds on you like a blanket over your head and body. The more you smoke the farther down you go and she is just caked out. Usually not much for coloring but in the cold she can spot up quite a bit but the flower remains a solid green. Average yield. A good 9-10 week flower. The plant is of the branchier indica varieties, she stays stout but buds and grows like a indica OG at times. Likes to golfball out the flower as well. Node spacing is average. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. For such a branched plant she is slow end veg, Yields above average. Hit to the Two Rank Skunk#18 studs excited to see what we see.