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Purple Hindu Kush x Skunk#18

PHK Seed was originally collected from Hindu Kush mountain range during the late 80s is the tale and she has been kept in clone form since. These here are the toughest purple terps, classic Citral, lemon zest incensed, the rawest Hindu ‘Kush’ funk some even say a touch of Skunky. She is pure Narcotic smoke set most anyone down in their seat and for purple, that’s something, she also is not a genetic from onset of flower purple she needs proper time and environment to black out and she will almost everytime. Yields Average while the Quality surpasses most. bag appeal is stupid fire. Superb Vigor.
She originally Comes from a 70 plus year old madam out in Shasta Lake, Northern Cali, close friend of another I became close with out there over years time and have truly come to respect.
Only provenance I know to her and over 10 yrs smoking and growing her just shy of, these are the only two people ever associated with the cut originally, although it has been passed and given out over the years.
This is a local Shasta staple and always will be, Acclimated there local long ago.

Hit to the two rank Skunk#18 studs I expect all flower times to be reigned in except in the fastest pairings, all long flowering sativas will be brought down by a week or two off finish, Tighter Flower formations, Enhanced yield, Quality undiminished and of course That rank ‘Skunkbud’ funk. The Skunk will take the front seat in most all pairings and especially in this pollination as i really selected hard for only true Skunkbud individuals. I say in most all pairings that they take over 2/3 pretty easy, but they do let the mom come through pretty damn clean when she shines, even beautiful recessed looks and sometimes all new unexpected flavors are the result. These plants are extremely compact, node spacing is tight so plants will benefit from thinning, training. early topping is recommended unless you would like to grow them monocola in a SOG style setup which is what they are ideal for. extremely powerful branching support Large Afghani style formations.