Loki Skunk


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Hashplant (Biker Cut) x Skunk#18 ‘Skunkbud’.

Hashplant mother is an old biker cut from by way of Vagos. She is an old clone only that has been held in Shasta area for some time and has a special flair to her even as worn as she is now. What she does do is breed pure magic

She has the smell of elastic bubble plastic you played with as a kid, black rubber and skunky notes, very fumey and sour. Grows upright in a monocola stature with long arms that fill in beautiful colas.

The Loki Skunk carry Old school smells across the board. The mother shone through hard with the rawest elastic bubble plastic you might have played with as a kid, black rubber and chemical skunky goodness. But also some with old floor piss, some nice onion chemical sour skunk from the skunk18 one smells just like the Humboldt black domina, ‘Skunions,’ one is a straight hardball old school powdered laundry detergent and epoxy it burns your nostrils and smokes fire. Rare sour cacao notes in one HP dominant, but a basic skunky funk to most all the flowers across the board on tight noded resistant leather plants.
The loudest ones are extremely sour and oozing skunked elastic hashplant funk off white caked flowers with thick resin rails. The effects come through clean when your not couched and beside yourself introspective, some they actually come with a clean cerebral smash and focus, visual brightening.

These finish up milky heads in 56 days and look done in about 42, but let them finish and maybe take them 9 max if you want that drag down stone. Fast fast ladies with fast onset.
Yields can be off the charts especially topped/ trained early, these displayed huge thick flowers so I can only imagine a bush. Extremely large afghani nug struture with a beautiful essence to them all.