Lemon Pepper


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SSSC Nigerian Kandahar x Skunk#18

Mother is from SaskOrganics up in Canada she is from old 80s Super Sativa Seed Club Nigerian Kandahar stock. She reaks of strong Lemon Zest, Pepper almost Garlic, Methane, Equitorial Landrace sativa Funk and does carry a strong Body warming Head rush of a stone and it lasts.  Her Description from the Catalog is as follows: “M35, A Nigerian (African) Sativa, crossed with our Kandahar Indica. For the lovers of a strong Psychoactive high. ideal for the personal stash.”

Flower onset is Slow with 12to14wk window. Hit to the two rank Skunk#18 studs I expect all flower times to be reigned in except in the fastest pairings, all long flowering sativas will be brought down by a week or two off finish, Tighter Flower formations, Enhanced yield, Quality undiminished and of course That ‘Skunkbud’ funk. The Skunk to take the front seat especially in this pollination as i really selected hard for only Skunkbud individuals. I say in most all pairings that they take over 2/3 pretty easy, but they do let the mom come through pretty damn nice when she shines, even beautiful recessed looks and sometimes all new flavors are the result.