Howards Red


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Red Lebanese HP x Skunk#18

Red Lebanese Hashplant, Said to be Howard Marks personal HP from back when, Tootsie Roll as it were. This one’s just insane, when we say hashplant we mean just that, smells range from burnt tire rubber to extra creamy hashy metallic notes. You can see why this lady has been around as long as she has and one toke you will know why.
Tastes just like a tootsie roll and has one of the most amazing medicinal stones, definitely Drug Trait strong she induces this magic that’s hard to put into words, ‘Well Being’ is a close stab. Plenty of red and purple coloration. Yield is Above Average. Quality is Top Notch. bag appeal on Woah. Hit to the two Skunk#18 studs and off we go.