Hog Nosed Skunk

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San Diego HawgsBreath x Skunk#18

The Hawgsbreath Mother comes from no other than @thehawgsbreathcompany and what a gal she is. Thank you again and know you got a fat sack of these coming right on back your way.
Bred by James ‘The Hawger’ out of San Diego, CA back when, since passed and his legend lives on in many ways I’m sure but one is this plant. She is quite the unique experience and I count myself among the blessed to be able to work with this Lady.
She is a Crazy sativa dominant wonder, what I’m told is a blend of 1988 Super Sativa Seed Club William’s Wonder x Skunk1 x Northern Lights. Heavy stretch least 3x plus but the weight she put on seeded and the quality that lies there in, are for the record, silly as fuck. She threw multiple zips of stinky caked out seeded flower and we had a whole ‘Sounder of Swine’ in for pollination. Been puffing on her strong and gotta say she’s special.
Straight Sour Dirty Hogs Breath to the max, Sour Skunk Funk, Chemical strong with an astringent hairspray backing lingers straight Hairspray. Has just a touch of zesty citrus zing to it especially in the flavor super mouthcoating man, Other than that she’s foul.
Entirely sativa dominant in effect but leaves you stuck 3 ways from Sunday and the expansion seems quite pressing.
Entirely in the head, eyeballs, shoulders, Debilitating is the correct term I believe, Head Dragging 2ft behind you stone. You Cannot get the flavor out the mouth either, straight Hogs Mouth.
Hit to the Two Rank Skunk18 ‘Skunkbud’ studs I think we are in for some fun. Welcome, Hog Nosed Skunk.