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Norcal Purple Haze x 95′ Silver Haze

*Limited Release

Norcal purple Haze stock gifted to me by an 80yr old gentleman who has kept this particular line in hand for years in Shasta Co. I was gifted a handful of seed which came laced with purple black calyx as well as actual beans stained purple by the flowers Anthocyanins. I have been running through these to see them this past year. They are very legitimate and old school kind. There is extremely Haze style plants that are just beautiful and there is also stouter afghan style plants with extreme frost show off dark Afghan foliage and caked white flowers. I was told this is an old classic Haze x Purple Indica pairing and what I have seen while running through them supports this.

This number 8 female is extremely thin leaf haze with a massive but airy stack and extreme frost the entire way. Genetic purple with a 3x stretch during flower transition and I swear continues to grow into the bloom cycle. Expect thin leaf NLD sativa with a heavy stretch come flower where the PH8 leans in as well as genetic purple from first calyx.

Expect Smells of old worn leather, mothball, menthol, ammonia, grease over equitorial aromas as well as the classic Sassafrass Silver Haze funk. Yield will be high, quality high with a 12to14wk max flower window. Maybe some that will finish a little earlier than that due to the Afghan heritage in the back end of both parents. High will be extremely cerebral and uplifting.

Hit to the 95′ Silver Haze expect true Haze Effect and Flavor to be in the forefront as well as special recombinations. Yield and quality in all pairings will be brought up a notch. Enjoy