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Uncirculated Hashplant x MPGSC male

HP mother is an old Middle Eastern HP from back east by way of Jerrybucket and Mugwert. she is a 4x stretch easy what i call a super OG. has this insane acrid chemical Horse Hoof glue, Curry style almost give you heartburn flavor.

The stone is baked like a potato effect. Huge plants, with crazy oldschool Hashplant funk is what you should expect with a GSC leaner here or there.

All I have seen and Ran myself When mom comes through, they come through super clean almost untouched and often dominates my Architect male in a good 2/3 of offpsring with the effect to the nose whole as it gets. This pairing is no exception I have pulled some super clean mom and recessed mom looks were truly a pleasure from start to finish.