Grade-A Skunk


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Chem91′ JB x Skunk#18 ‘ SkunkBud’. These went out as freebies but have been seeing some exceptional plants come out of the pairing so i am releasing the line.

The ChemJB is a beautiful cutting that carries much of the nuance of the original chems with touches of Sour. big yield, Frosty flowers. Smoke from the JB is superbly potent medicine, very heady and disorienting in effect with a killer visual style stone. expect as much diesel to shine through as you do Chem as she is the perfect mixture of both. Growth on the Mystery Chem is loose like Chemdog4 cut, leaf is close but the flower is even more Sour leaning. She has proven herself to be a solid breeder of all things Chem and Sour while the genetic still remains a mystery. Fairly resistant plant as well. Said to possibly be the Chem91 x Rez Sour D and has notes of both, with touches of Garlic and slight Rubber and just a hair of Citrus, make no mistake shes a mean and nasty one.

Hit to the two rank Skunk#18 studs I expect all flower times to be reigned in except in the fastest pairings, all long flowering sativas will be brought down by a week or two off finish, Tighter Flower formations, Enhanced yield, Quality undiminished and of course That rank ‘Skunkbud’ funk. The Skunk will take the front seat in most all pairings and especially in this pollination as i really selected hard for only true Skunkbud individuals. I say in most all pairings that they take over 2/3 pretty easy, but they do let the mom come through pretty damn clean when she shines, even beautiful recessed looks and sometimes all new unexpected flavors are the result. These plants are extremely compact, node spacing is tight so plants will benefit from thinning, training. early topping is recommended unless you would like to grow them monocola in a SOG style setup which is what they are ideal for. extremely powerful branching support Large Afghani style formations.

Flower time will range in the 9to10wk window.