Coffin Skunk


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GST Skunk x Skunk#18

Old Uncirculated Alaskan Skunk from @AkBeanBrains. just some of that Old school Skunkbud here for a little fun.
This lady right here is just to dank, I found almost an exact match in my sk18 5:78 female selection to this here, it’s so wild I had to send for second opinion and confirmed.
Traditional rank Sour skunk funk murder the Jar, straight raw dookie butt terps, some quality animal musk all wrapped in a sour tart warhead funk. Fire orange hairs. High yield of lime green grenades, easy palm sized chunks.
Definitely skunky, Definitely powerful, and a joy to grow. Old school, potent mind warping stone.
Hit her to the two Skunk18 studs going to be a fun fun hunt.