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First RELEASE stock, V1. *Cannatonic Crossed to the Skunk#18 IBL

Reina Madre x New York City Diesel (Old Soma CBD Male) this Cannatonic i felt had a bit more thc present on the effect was not a pure cbd cultivar, so from all trait match and smoke, id safely assume shes the 2:1. From the full in double serrations she exhibits and where she is from, she is a rare end selection for sure. Effect is very nice body relax but it is also a bit stoney to it. pain relief, anxiety relief, Only difference in growth to ACDC, is cannatonic stays a bit more stout, and alot more stouf without the spindle hemp branching. Both are absolutely dripping by finish. Also on the terpenes id call cannatonic a very tart lemon pez terpene, tart and sour, with just a touch of the artificial pine cleaner. Very very similar appearances, in the end they are their own beasts. Yield is moderate. A good 10 week flower. Node spacing is average. Calyx to leaf ratio is average. Medicine.