Red Eye Skunk


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Amsterdam Skunk#1 x Skunk#18

Skunk#1 from Sensi Seeds Original Release, Open Pollinated seed my old man gifted to me. My own Personal selection used for this Pollination, Afghani Skunk Dominant.  He gave me quite a few old Sensi seeds lines they have seed increased for Outdoor cultivation here in Norcal.

What I call New Shoe Sole Rubber with an almost melted funk, Slight Onion Musk with a strong introspective stone. Bag appeal is quite nice. Overall Nuance is Skunky in my favorite expressions but needs to be turned up a few notches, its more on Melting Rubber and Musk, but, thats where the Skunk#18 comes in. Overall selected Nuance of the Skunk#1 line is perfect for what we are doing.

an absolute joy to grow from start to finish. Lime green dense flowers that build on themselves immensely. Extremely stout, Double serrated, Afghani broadleaf Skunk#1 used, selected against the Sativa side which is much more expressive in this line with nice huge Colombian looks and monocola thin leaf sativa that carry an extreme Citrus Zest Musk while the lumbo dominant are Woody Mexi Musk Burn. These may still display down the line but the female used from the Amsterdam Sk#1 line is All Afghani All Day.