The Chocolatier


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  1. *Crossed to the 69′ Skunk#18 IBL

The Chocolatier- Socal Master Kush x Chocolate Chunk bred by @knf_craft_cannabis. This mama pheno is the most CC leaner I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.  She was truly an amazing plant more so than the other amazing plants pop from the line. Most tend to lean on the socal master kush end of the spectrum but this one was the 95% chocolate chunk pheno.
Mama is a true big bodied ghani, big boy yielder talking forearms all around and straight goop. She is hashplant return quality, just caked back. Extracts throw past anything your pressing with it by a fair amount, its noticeable as is the consistency and From what i can tell it passes that trait fairly easy.
Terpenes and effect are where its at. Narcotic smoke very heavy handed  Narcotic with great expando quality. The Taste is purely delicious chocolate spice with fresh chocolate spiced hash notes just coat your mouth. Good 9-10 week flower. Above average yield. Quite branchy and big bodied, but also has leaf that are chest size. Node spacing is quite tight. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Be aware some offpsring from her sister have a bit of a mutant start but grow into truly amazing plants.