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  1. Tahoe OG Kush bx1.

Original Tahoe OG Kush x Rocket Scientist OGKush Kush

Rocket Scientist OG = (Tahoe OG Kush x Mpgsc male)

The Original Tahoe OG Kush , We all know and love backcrossed to a very nice recessive RSOG male, purer Tahoe expression, carries the traditional But sour OG terpenes, with a touch of nail polish remover funk. Female rsog i matched the male too was a very nice expression, all Ogeez with a TK like feel, tested 22 with a small thcv cbc cbd cbg spike. Very nice medicinal Effect.

I expect all Tahoe All day, with background Chemmy phenos expressing as well. If the platinum GSC shows through in any phenos I’d be surprised, but do expect growth to be enhanced greatly as the vigor.

When Talking Tahoe We are talking traditional raw OG terpenes, like mountain funk and peat moss, nice bit of rubber funk, nice gas to her in the back, and pure grease. Unmistakable as it takes over the whole pallet and translates to taste, unbelievably mouthcoating. Yields well on her own, above average but that will be bumped up, along with the overall growth that will be alot nicer.

The rocket scientist og f1 were the exact same way, they passed extremely nice OG profile with that certain funk we all know and love.