Guapo Skunk

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Original Tahoe OG x Skunk#18

Tahoe OG Clone Only. Tahoe Happens to be my favorite cut with the almost raw chemmy funk. When Talking Tahoe We are talking some of the most traditional raw OG terpenes, like mountain funk and peat moss, nice bit of rubber funk, nice gas to her in the back and pure grease. Unmistakable as it takes over the whole pallet and translates to taste, unbelievably mouthcoating. Zero Citrus. The stone is line a wrist rocket marble to the head and she lays it down. she is on the lankier side but with support she holds her own easy 2+ a light, i like the OG in pairings as opposed to Clone for outside work as well.

Yields well on her own, above average and is up there with some of the best Ogeez I know of far as traditional flavor and nose.