Columbo Skunk

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SM Colombian Gold x Afghani x Skunk#18

Norcal C. Gold. She is an Old Norcal cut. Fleshy, mexi burn funk, burnt black tire rubber, followed by a creamy hashy dank. All rolled into one she is one of a kind smoke. The effect compounds with just about everything smoked beside her. Really knocks folks for a loop, extreme cerebral plus body bending power showing both sides of her lineage, nice expansion and a clean ass non drag buzz. I say she is mexi dominant with just the right touch of Ghani expression, including lowered flower times around the 10to12wk marker. Just smoked the last of my flowers the other day so felt a repost, this run we had her as well as a selected full blown Colombian Sativa in for the fun. Yield is above Average, quality and bag appeal is for real.
Translates to taste perfect shes loud AF. Rich in strong Thiol funk and she will leave you in a greasy puddle with just a touch. Damn near Skunkbud all her own. Hit her to the two Skunk18 studs, cant wait. Something about these incross style pairings has me at full attention.