Beaver Skunk

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Amstel Gold x Skunk#18

Mother is The Roast Beef sandwich of herb. She will bash your brains in while YOU laugh about it. Lime green, fire orange hair. Such a beautiful specimen she leaves you straight head floating with a sick dome and shoulders stupefying effect.
Raw rank roast beef meat notes upfront tough with a pine citrus chemical backing, while shes blooming it’s some straight beaver den funk musky and raw.
Taste is pure clove and incense banging. Decent expansion, Just some old gal from another era here to bring it on back.
Not much information on this girl just that she was developed during the 70’s in Cali, and this specific cut is original Dutch Passion stock release selection.
Grows amazing with a quick finish, branches beautiful with that thick central cola but the sidearms are prominent like an open stout Christmas tree style, dripping wet, above average yield and bag appeal up there. One of my new favorites I’ve found she cuts through damn near everything with this Cerebral Head and Shoulders mind float i enjoy quite immensely.