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ACDC Crossed to the Skunk#18.

Cannatonic x Unknown Sativa (Possible Spain derived Hemp).Clone only variety,  20 to 1 cbd/thc. This gal is something special for all the trouble to grow her. She will give even the most experienced growers a run for their money. They describe her nose as a type of blue musk perfume. To me it is reminicent of the more artificial cleaner like Murphys oil soap or a leather polish for terps. A healthy 10 week flower. She is very lanky, calyx to leaf ratio is high, but she makes it up in straight terpenes, frost and Medicinal effect. No other way for me to put it besides it makes your body feel like a paperclip on a magnet on a rubberband, completely releases all body tension with the warmest feeling that covers you entirely. Medicine for many an ailment and truly one of a kind.



**UPON REQUEST ONLY: This cross is available as a substitute “freebie” pack which comes with every order. Please specify in the ORDER NOTES  section of your order. While Supplies last.**