1969 Skunk18 Open Pollination

1969 Skunk#18 IBL Open Pollination- Original Skunk#1

2/3 Sativa, 1/3 Indica

Instead of describing how crosses may be, i will just describe the Males and Females of the 1969 Skunk#18 IBL Open Pollination Line and what they will likely bring to the Pairings as a whole line. 

These are Original Skunk#1 line derived from 1969 stock via Inbred line, passed to Thai after his uncles passing In Eureka, CA. Pre Skunkman Skunk#1. And also go by a few other handles, Such as Uncle Festers Skunk#18 IBL(from the breeder), Professor Beatnik Skunk#18 IBL, Hells Angels Skunk, Cali Skunk, we choose one truer to form being 69′ Skunk#18 IBL which is when the seeds were derived from. 

Firstly Effect like a freightrain for the brain, cerebral magic, brightens the day to where your squinting its so bright, wakes you up and bakes you the fuck out whole being. Every pheno has extensive expansion qualities and most were quite resinous with melt glands.
Thats what was found and what you can expect with true end mexi notes,only sweet they have, not pine, no fruit.
And other nasty ended scents like burnt wire, rubber, onion, astringent bleach notes, pissy, aged cheesy black hash tones, green acrid funks. The Entire run they Morph scents and are even more pungent and funk once dry. The line itself is wide open in the regards of the funk and type of it you will find as well as the plants, but they do have an overall similar appearance in the mexi looks. There is some extreme indica expressions as well, different types of stout Ghanis to Stretch Ghanis.

The plants themselves are beyond vigorous and thick membraned showing their trie heritage. Most are full double serrated plants and also display extra digits and most display absolutely amazing builds. Some of the prettiest and most agressive controlled plants that i have had the pleasure to have under hand.

To the cross pairings they will instill very nice Vigor, enhance build and branching of most any and all kind. They will enhance Potency with added Mexi cerebral magic. Brighter and more vibrant with true expansion qualities all around. I do not know how they will dominate, but in this case i hope they do. The line is pure Magic in my opinion with Acrid Chemical and True Skunk1 qualities.

****These are pre release and felt this is something needed doing with the current focus on Skunk1 genetic but also the Fact of the originator of these seeds ripping folks off and not keeping his word to many members in our community for no reason whatsoever, especially when his genetic selection is solid.

He is Master Thai Organic Seed garden and our open pollination recreation was never to harm but rather to preserve the experience for everyone. This is his uncles line, preserved via seed stock and kept mother for us to enjoy and thats what i intend for all, not to rip anyone off like where these originate. Like i always say, we let the genetic speak. 

So there is a few underlying circumstances that have lead me to give you the same shot that I have for Magic. The Main is because it is what the genetic and the plant derserves and so do you.

So Please, ENJOY!

The Nature Farmer